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PDL HPB Radios Used in Large-Scale Highway Construction Projects

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 3, 2007 - Pacific Crest High Power Base (PDL HPB) radios are currently being used by C.W. Matthews Contracting Company in several massive construction projects to expand and widen the lanes of some 50 miles of Georgia highways and state roads. Operating as the general contractor on these projects, C.W. Mathews Contracting Company provides expertise in asphalt, grading, and GPS technology. While boasting the production and placing of a record-breaking 5.5 million tons of asphalt each year, C.W. Matthews Contracting still requires HPB radios to accurately guide the placement of so much asphalt over so many miles.

Several HPB radios can be found throughout the jobsite at any given time, used to both survey the site and to provide highly precise, RTK measurements to machine control devices affixed to motor graders and bulldozers. While recognized as being advantageous for both applications, supervisors at C.W. Matthews Contracting Company have discovered that using Pacific Crest radios can be particularly advantageous to surveyors. “By using Pacific Crest radios you can survey without necessarily having line of sight,” said Bryan Alsberg, Superintendent of GPS for C.W. Matthews Contracting. “The radios allow you to do all the surveying you need miles away from your base.”

In addition to distance, this company found that the type of base radio setup was equally, if not more, important. For its many long-term construction projects, extensive highway construction projects in particular, C.W. Matthews found that it was advantageous to employ fixed base stations using HPB radios rather than a mobile base setup where the HPB sits on a tripod. Although the mobile base setup has its own advantages for particular applications, it needs to be setup and taken down everyday while a fixed base setup needs to be only put up once and can then be left alone with no extra time spent on it and money saved.

Despite the setup type chosen, a rugged and reliable radio is needed that can be counted on to endure a few years of heavy use and the worst weather conditions. The advantages of either setup don’t apply if the radio being used, frequently needs to be repaired. Pacific Crest’s PDL branded radios are built especially for surveyors with the understanding that they will be left out in the elements and will endure heavy use. “Pacific Crest radios are very reliable. We use them year-round without shutting them down and they still last years with heavy use,” said Alsberg.

Pacific Crest offers all of the accessories needed to setup a fixed base station using a base radio, such as the PDL HPB. For more information about these products or for help in determining which radio setup is best for your application, please contact a regional sales representative at 800.795.1001 (toll free), 408.653.2070 (direct), +31 725 764 175 (Europe), or Email:

About C.W. Matthews Contracting Company
C.W. Mathews Contracting Company, located in Georgia, USA, is a major construction company specializing in highway and bridge construction. With the ability to produce and place millions of tons of asphalt every year, a fleet of more than 800 major pieces of construction equipment, and a full-time staff of professionally trained mechanics with 25,000 square feet of maintenance facilities, C.W. Matthews has the capability to tackle any project head-on.


About Pacific Crest Corporation
Pacific Crest Corporation is a leading manufacturer of wireless data communication equipment for positioning and environmental monitoring applications. Founded in 1994 and with headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Pacific Crest Corporation maintains a strong international presence in the GPS survey and environmental monitoring industries.

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